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Last Updated: April 26, 2021

Arena Facts

Opened: 2016
Capacity: 18,347
Teams: Edmonton Oilers
Address: Edmonton, Alberta

Home to NHL side Edmonton Oilers since 2016.

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When it comes to the history of arenas, this arena is towards the younger end of the list. It was started to be built in 2014, with construction taking two years total, hence its opening in 2016. It has a sleek metallic look on the outside of the arena, but besides that it is a pretty standard shape. Prior to this arena the Oilers were at the Northlands Coliseum which was over forty years old when Rogers Place was constructed and opened. Now the arena is home to both the Edmonton Oilers and the smaller hockey team, the Edmonton Oil Kings. In addition to these two hockey teams, it hosts many other events as arenas do. What also makes this arena great is that the location was selected to make it easily accessible via public transportation.

However as you may have been able to guess, constructing a stadium in today’s times can be very expensive. The final cost was estimated to be around $450 million which included some money from the government. It was headed by the Katz Group of Companies which put in $100 million on top of the government’s money. Later on issues were run into that required more money to be contributed than initially expected. Regardless, the arena officially opened on September 8, 2016 with a WHL matchup hosting the Edmonton Oil Kings. They won this game in a shootout. The Oilers would play in the arena just a month later on October 12, 2016 and they also won their game. It is usually quite rare that multiple teams that call the arena home each win their first game. Adding to the history of the arena, part of the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs were hosted there due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact they even hosted the entirety of the Stanley Cup Finals which is one of the only times in NHL history that this has occurred, making the stadium very unique.

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