Madison Square Garden - New York Rangers Arena Guide

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Last Updated: April 26, 2021

Arena Facts

Opened: 1968
Capacity: 18,006
Teams: New York Rangers
Address: New York, New York

The New York Rangers have the best arena in the country to call home, their arena is known as Madison Square Garden. This arena is the world’s most famous arena and it is located in midtown Manhattan.

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This beautiful arena cost about $1.1 billion in total for everything that went into building this and making it as remarkable as it is. This is also a huge tourist attraction and is high on the list of visiting things when in New York. This arena also hosts concerts and is a major honor to either play or perform here. Mostly almost any event one can think of goes on in this arena ranging from concerts to boxing to ice shows to circuses, everything happens here. It is also ranked as one of the most expensive arenas that has ever been built. Especially with the arena’s location being in New York City millions of tourists stop by to either see or tour the stadium. It is even a great honor to even see the stadium and to know half of what has gone on and who performed and played inside those walls.

New York City is a perfect spot for the arena because of how many people visit New York City and the location is very convenient for people who visit. Even though the arena can only seat 20,000 which is small compared to most arenas especially because of the size, it is taken with great pride with how nicely built and how beautiful the arena is. It has been renovated two times since the grand opening but luckily with how many people visit the arena per year the owners are able to continually keep investing their money back in to make it better than before the renovation. Being one of the most historic and iconic arenas in all of sports to date, it is safe to say that this history will only grow more in the years to come.

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