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Last Updated: April 26, 2021

Arena Facts

Opened: 2000
Capacity: 18,144
Teams: Columbus Blue Jackets
Address: Columbus, Ohio

As you may have been able to guess, the Blue Jackets home arena is located in Columbus, Ohio and has been a host to the team since it was finished.

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The construction of the arena began in 1998 and ended two years later in 2000. Ironically and not as well known, but the arena is built on the grounds of the former Ohio Penitentiary parking lot, and the arena’s parking lot now sits where the Penitentiary once was. There have not been stories of haunting going on in the stadium and it has been two decades now, so do not expect to hear any of those stories anytime soon. However this does not mean that people have not died on the premises, which the arena holds a dark record for.

In 2002, just two years after the arena was opened a teenage girl was hit in the head by a hockey puck due to a lack of safety nets. Only two days later, this teenage girl died as a result of her injuries and is the only NHL fan known to have been killed as a result of the game. It is not a fact that anyone is proud of, but it did result in safety nets being put up in the NHL arenas league wide. It is a sad incident that nobody wished would have happened, but luckily it is prevented from ever happening again now.

On a different note, the city of Columbus is not vouching for the arena to host a NBA team and has been doing so since 2012. It is doubtful that this will ever occur with the Cavaliers already being located in Cleveland, but it never hurts to try. As with the other arenas this one also hosts other events for both music and sports alike.

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