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Last Updated: April 26, 2021

Arena Facts

Opened: 1996
Capacity: 17,373
Teams: Ottawa Senators
Address: Ottawa, Ontario

The name of this arena has changed numerous times over the year, but it is currently called the Canadian Tire Centre. Regardless of the name changes, the arena has physically existed in its location since January 1996 around the time that many other current arenas were created.

Arena Guide by Ice Hockey Tripper


It is safe to say that the primary purpose of the arena is to host the Senators games, but like many other arenas it is also used to host concerts, basketball championships, and even World Junior Ice Hockey Championships. There is nothing like hosting the world tournament in the land of hockey. What makes this arena unique is that prior to building it, the land was formerly farmland and the plans for the arena included building a large hotel as well. It was really going to be land development rather than simply just building the arena for the team and moving on. Of course some of the people that lived in this area opposed the building of the arena and took their opposition to the government. As you may have been able to guess, they lost this argument and it seemed like the area was going to turn into a city eventually, so why not do it then.

From there, this was one of the quickest arenas built in NHL history with the construction only lasting a total of 18 months, exactly a year and a half of work. What also makes the arena unique is that it first opened with a music concert rather than a sporting event. However two days after the official opening, the Senators lost their opening game. Additionally, the official name of the arena was changed after a month of it being opened when the name rights were given to a different company. Unfortunately it does not look like the Senators will be adding to this history anytime soon.

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