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Last Updated: April 26, 2021

Arena Facts

Opened: 2001
Capacity: 18,532
Teams: Dallas Stars
Address: Dallas, Texas

The Dallas Stars call the American Airlines Center home which has a unique design from the top down. On top it looks like an aircraft hangar which makes it fitting to be named after an aircraft company, this has also earned the building the nickname of “The Hangar”. Then on the lower half of the building it looks very similar in design to the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana which is host to the Indianapolis Colts. It is safe to say that it is the brick outline of the arena that makes it appear similar to where the Colts call home.

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As for the foundation of the arena itself, both the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Stars were calling for a new arena to be built back in 1998. Their previous arena had now gotten too small for daily operations and was also just really old in general. What makes the arena even more interesting is that it was largely paid for by taxpayers dollars as part of a new tax that the city of Dallas created. What also makes this arena unique is that it has maintained the same exact name throughout its entire history always being known as the American Airlines Center. The only thing that switched was the American Airlines logo which is not necessarily correlated to the stadium itself besides branding purposes. The current arena seems to be contracted out until 2031 currently where a majority of people feel like a new arena will be constructed at that point. This is because not many renovations have occurred within the stadium since its opening in 2001, which can take a toll on the building and everyone involved after two or three decades to say the least. Either way, this arena has been a great host to both the Dallas Stars and the Dallas Mavericks.

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