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Last Updated: April 26, 2021

Arena Facts

Opened: 2017
Capacity: 19,515
Teams: Detroit Red Wings
Address: Detroit, Michigan

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Home to the Detroit Red Wings since 2017.

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The construction of the arena began on April 24, 2015 and was finished on September 5, 2017. Like many others there were two professional sports teams involved, not only the Red Wings but the Detroit Pistons as well. However the arena still cost about two to three times more than the average arena with the final total coming to be 863 million dollars, not a small fee by any means. Despite the high cost it was simply considered to be an investment by all involved as the arena is now the head of a brand new sports and entertainment district within the city.

What also makes the city unique is that an outdoor plaza was built into the stadium as well as a concourse for people to use year round even if events are not occurring. Additionally, the arena is unique because it contains a separate practice rink inside of it for the Red Wings team which can help get players more comfortable with their surroundings and practice how they play. Since the arena was built there is not much event history just yet, especially since both teams have not been very good within recent years. Regardless of their poor performance, the arena is still a popular place for fans to attend for both sporting and non-sporting events alike. Hopefully the sports teams can try to bring some championships into the arena, but it unfortunately appears like this may be a far way away for everyone involved. We wish both teams the best of luck when adding good history to this arena.

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